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My name is Raynie and I am so glad you're here. I believe that birth is a scared and transformative experience that modern medicine has seemingly forgotten over past decades. Women have been birthing for thousands of years, and the last thing any laboring mother wants to do is worry about how she is going to speak up for herself in the birthing room. It is crucial to have a supportive birth team who respects and honors each of your wishes, and I am set on providing just that along with my unlimited support. I am a mother myself, and I know how vulnerable pregnancy and birth can feel. I am all familiar with the exciting joys of motherhood, the raw emotions that come with it, and it is my passion to ensure that mothers are given a positive, empowering birth experience- rather than an experience that leaves them feeling unheard and out of control. I am supportive of all families, all birthing situations, including home births, and am available for your post-partum journey! 

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"Raynie is an incredible doula and is full of knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and babies!" - Chelsea

"This woman is amazing! I will forever recommend her!" ~ Kevin & Annabelle

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Things I Love

about me.....

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